New updates provided by Facebook?

Live broadcast

Launched a social networking site “Facebook”, the previous week, a new update to be applied to smart devices, provided through live video to all users around the world broadcast feature.

In spite of the availability of the feature within the new version, but it reaches the users are gradually, some in the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, in addition to the United States have confirmed that they have emerged within the application, while the others are still waiting for the appearance of the icon .

Users can stream videos by clicking on the updated status bar icon appears to the live broadcast, with the ability to type an address broadcast before it was published to show to all the friends and followers. After completion, the social network will publish the full video in the user’s account so that the rest of the follow-up at a later time.

And it has added a number of updates on the new application, including such instant alarm notifications property until it is alert the user when there is a direct or broadcast when your friends comment on your video clips.

It is noteworthy that this feature was dedicated onset of Fame and pages documented in the social networking site.

Personal GIF image format

Having allowed the site “Facebook” use GIF format motion pictures on pages and in chat rooms, allowing the site to use these images in the same format and customize the image profile.

As quoted, “Metro,” the British newspaper, it can be an image the size of GIF to profile the equivalent of a renewed video duration is 7 seconds, and the launch of the new property among the five significant changes announced “Facebook”, some of which have been activated and put to the test for some users from today .

Features “Who are you”

Another option, within the updates carried out by the social networking site “Facebook”, features related to images Almstkhaddma, since there are options to install five distinct images highest profile personal to them, and get a temporary image of the profile, as well as providing controls easier belonging View sections package Me, increasing allocated to the definition of the account holder is enough space for a paragraph written composed of 100 characters text, and design a central position for users of the phone a picture profile appear in the middle of the screen with the award of more space for pictures and friends.

Type in all languages ​​of the world

One of the new features offered by the “Facebook”, is the property of those responsible for public pages, and allows them to writing a single publication a number of different languages, and each user showing by his language as its own language settings for each account.
Knowing that there is a machine translation feature in publications but it is inaccurate. Hence it has been added in several languages ​​the option of writing in the same publication.

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